Attribute Model.

A base for making ActiveModel type based objects and models for PHP libraries.

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Attribute Model

A sort-of-kind-of ActiveModel type'ish base for Models that rely on an array of attributes. Includes a type-casting sub-system for casting attributes to values. Extracted from read-models.

The focus is for creating read-only Model representations for use in presentation layers. This library is used by somnambulist/read-models and api-client.


  • PHP 8.0+
  • pragmarx/ia-str


Install using composer, or checkout / pull the files from

  • composer require somnambulist/attribute-model


Extend to a model e.g. User; or implement into a base model and add extra functionality. Use attribute casting if needed before passing attributes into the model.

use Somnambulist\Components\AttributeModel\AbstractModel;
use Somnambulist\Components\AttributeModel\AttributeCaster;
use Somnambulist\Components\AttributeModel\TypeCasters\AreaCaster;
use Somnambulist\Components\AttributeModel\TypeCasters\MoneyCaster;

class User extends AbstractModel


$caster = new AttributeCaster([
    new AreaCaster(),
    new MoneyCaster(),
$attrs = [];
$user = new User($caster->cast($attrs, ['area' => 'area', 'money' => 'money',]));

Built-in Casters

The following casters are built-in and are largely configurable by type or attribute name(s):

Caster Output Comments
AreaCaster Types\Measure\Area convert a value + unit to an Area value object
CoordinateCaster Types\Geography\Coordinate convert lat/long/srid strings to value object
DateTimeCaster Types\DateTime\DateTime convert a date/time in a format to a DateTime object
DistanceCaster Types\Measure\Distance convert a value + unit to a Distance value object
EnumerableKeyCaster AbstractEnumeration returns instantiated enumeration object using the member key; may also be a multiton
EnumerableValueCaster AbstractEnumeration returns instantiated enumeration object using the member value
JsonCollectionCaster Somnambulist\Collection\MutableCollection decodes a JSON string into a collection object
MoneyCaster Types\Money\Money convert a value + ISO currency to value object
SimpleValueObjectCaster AbstractValueObject creates value-objects from a single string value e.g. EmailAddress

1. Base namespace is: Somnambulist\Components\Domain\Entities\

Many of the casters accept alternative attribute names for matching and type overrides. Suitable defaults are provided where appropriate (e.g.: json, json_array, json_collection).

More casters can be added by implementing the interface and attaching to the AttributeCaster.

An existing caster can be re-used on another type by calling $caster->extend(<type>, [new, types, here]). The configuration of the caster cannot be changed; it adds extra type keys that the caster will respond to.


PHPUnit 9+ is used for testing. Run tests via vendor/bin/phpunit.