A little something about us.

Somnambulist.tech - the home for Open - Source packages maintained by Dave Redfern.

About somnambulist.tech

Somnambulist.tech is the home for extended information on the various packages created by Dave Redfern (somnambulist) available from Github and PHP Composer via Packagist.

The packages address various problems encountered in working with PHP and specifically work well with Laravel and Symfony frameworks. Many have been developed to work well in a domain driven design project with Doctrine ORM.

Most packages are released under a permissive MIT or BSD license unless they are based on a fork where the original licensing terms are used.

Most of the packages are hosted on Github where issues and feature requests can be made.

Why somnambulist? Like with many things, it's the name of a song - this time by BT featured on the album "Emotional Technology".