Packages and Posts.

These are some of the packages and posts available. Use the tags and categories to get specific items.

Doctrine Laravel Project

A kick-starter project that pre-configures Doctrine, Twig, behaviours and some other stuff because bootstrapping projects with the same requirements is tedious.

Doctrine Enumeration Bridge

Provides a bridge between different enumeration implementations and Doctrine. Any type of PHP enumerable (e.g. Eloquent\Enumeration or myclabs/php-enum can be used with this adaptor.

Collection Library

Provides a Collection container with no dependencies on any framework code. The collection is a wrapper around a standard array with many helper methods. It sits somewhere between a Laravel Collection and the Doctrine ArrayCollection and takes ideas from both of those as well as others.

Behaviours for Laravel-Doctrine ORM

Adds some very common traits, contracts and event subscribers that can be used with the Laravel-Doctrine ORM package, replacing Gedmo Blameable and Timestampable as well as a UUID pre-persist behaviour.