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Provides a set of components and abstractions to help implement domain driven object model with CQRS.

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Doctrine Mappings for Value Objects and Enumerations

Provides a basic set of mapping information for the somnambulist/value-objects library for use with Doctrine. Mappings are available for Doctrine (.dcm.yml) and Symfony (.orm.yml). The mappings are symlinked from symfony to doctrine.

A TypeBootstrapper is included for automatically registering the value-object enumerations as Doctrine types.


Copy or link the mapping files to your project in the Doctrine configuration. These are needed per entity manager. It is highly recommended to extend the value-objects to your own and then copy and adapt the mappings as you need.

Remember: value-objects are part of your domain model and should be treated with care.

Note: enumerations are used in these mappings.

Register Enumeration Handlers

To register the enumeration handlers add the following to your applications bootstrap code (e.g.: AppBundle::boot or AppServiceProvider::register|boot):


This will pre-register the following enumerations:

  • Geography\Country as country
  • Money\Currency as currency
  • Measure\AreaUnit as area_unit
  • Measure\DistanceUnit as distance_unit
  • Geography\Srid as srid

In addition extra helpers are registered to allow the Country and Currency value objects to be used as enumerations. These are stored using the respective ISO 3-char codes.

Note: concrete enumerations cannot be extended. If the built-in ones do not meet your needs, create your own.

See Doctrine Enumeration Bridge for more on using the bridge.

Register Custom Types

Custom types are included for:

  • datetime
  • datetimetz
  • date
  • time
  • json
  • ip_v4_address
  • ip_v6_address
  • email
  • phone
  • url
  • uuid

The date types override the default Doctrine types and uses the VO DateTime that is an extended DateTimeImmutable object.

json, jsonb and json_collection are equivalent and allow JSON data to be converted to and from a Collection object instead of a plain array.

To register all the standard types add the following to your application bootstrap:


Note: if you register uuid as a type, and then use it in e.g.: an embeddable your embeddable will receive an Uuid object, not an Uuid string. Ensure the type is set to guid to get just the string value.

Mapping Files

To use the types and enumerations, in your mapping files set the type appropriately:

        type: datetime
        type: json

        type: country
        type: currency

To embed the value-objects instead of using type casting:

        class: Somnambulist\Components\Domain\Entities\Types\Identity\EmailAddress
        class: Somnambulist\Components\Domain\Entities\Types\Web\Url

Or in XML format:

<entity name="My\Entity">
    <embedded name="contact" class="Somnambulist\Components\Domain\Entities\Types\Identity\EmailAddress" />
    <embedded name="homepage" class="Somnambulist\Components\Domain\Entities\Types\Web\Url" />

When using embeddables, be sure to have added the necessary mapping files.

Alternatively if the extended types are registered you can instead use:

<entity name="My\Entity">
    <field name="email" class="email" length="200" />
    <field name="phone" class="phone" length="20" />
    <field name="homepage" class="url" length="400" />

The primary difference is that the type can be customised per column, whereas an embedded object is shared with a common config and therefore, fixed length or nullable or not.

Configuring Types for Symfony

Within a Symfony project, add a new mapping area to your orm configuration within the doctrine section:

    # snip ...
                mapping:   true
                type:      xml
                dir:       '%kernel.project_dir%/config/mappings/entities'
                is_bundle: false
                prefix:    App\Entities

                mapping:   true
                type:      xml
                dir:       '%kernel.project_dir%/config/mappings/somnambulist'
                is_bundle: false
                prefix:    Somnambulist\Components\Domain\Entities\Types

Then either copy or symlink the appropriate config files from vendor config folder to your projects mapping config section. If you have different requirements for field type, copy and update as appropriate. It is recommended to copy and not link the mapping files to avoid issues with this library changing.