Read Models.

Add active-record style, read-only models to a Doctrine project for easier querying and separation of presentation from data.

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Profiling / Testing.

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Profiling / Testing

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If you use Symfony; using the standard Doctrine DBAL connection from your entity manager will automatically ensure that ALL SQL queries are added to the profiler without having to do anything else! You get full insight into the query that was executed, the data bound etc. For further insights consider using an application profiler such as:

For other frameworks; as DBAL is used, hook into the Configuration object and add an SQL logger instance that can report to your frameworks profiler.

Test Suite

The test suite uses an SQlite database file named "users.db" that simulates a possible User setup with Roles, Permissions, Contacts and Addresses. Before running the test suite, be sure to generate some test data using: tests/resources/seed.php. This console app has a couple of commands:

  • db:create - builds the table structure
  • db:seed - generate base records and --records=XX random records
  • db:destroy - deletes all test data and tables

For the test suite to run and be able to test various relationships / eager loading etc a reasonable number of test records are needed. The suite was built against a random sample of 150 records.

The DataGenerator attempts some amount of random allocation of addresses, contacts and roles to each user; however data integrity was not the goal, merely usable data.

To run the tests: vendor/bin/phpunit.