API Micro Service Skeleton Project.

A pre-defined API skeleton project for building API domain oriented services. Includes docker setup and documentation for usage.

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Getting Started
The Domain
Compiled Containers
Service Discovery

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Symfony Micro Service Starter Project

This is a skeleton project that pre-configures a Symfony 5+ project for use as a micro service. This project is intended to be used in conjunction with: Data Service

The setup includes:

  • doctrine
  • doctrine-fixtures
  • doctrine-migrations
  • messenger
  • profiler
  • command/query/domain event buses
  • test helpers
  • docker configuration for app and redis containers
  • docker app container is configured without local mounts
  • shell scripts in bin/ that call libs in docker
  • PHP container uses php-pm as the application server
  • Mutagen via SyncIt with a default configuration

If you are working with micro services then be sure to check out: Project Manager a CLI toolkit that makes working with multiple services a little bit easier.

Be sure to read on to find out how this project skeleton is structured and how to make effective use of it.