API Micro Service Skeleton Project.

A pre-defined API skeleton project for building API domain oriented services. Includes docker setup and documentation for usage.

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Getting Started.

Getting Started
The Domain
Compiled Containers
Service Discovery

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Getting Started

Create a new project using composer:

composer create-project somnambulist/symfony-micro-service <folder> --no-scripts

Customise the base files as you see fit; change names, (especially the service names), config values etc to suite your needs. Then: docker-compose up -d to start the docker environment in dev mode. Be sure to read Service Discovery to understand some of how the docker environment is setup.

Note: to use the latest version add dev-master as the last argument when creating a project. This will checkout and use the current master version, instead of a tagged release.

Alternatively if using Project Manager with the default templates: spm new:service <service_name> api or without the service name/template to use the wizard.

Recommended First Steps

This project uses App and example.dev throughout. Your first step would be to change the base PHP namespace (if desired). PhpStorms refactoring / renaming is highly recommended for this action.

The domain name is set in several places, it is strongly recommended to change this to something more useful. The following files should be updated:

  • .env
  • docker-compose*.yml

You should be sure to read Compiled Containers.

Configured Services

The following docker services are pre-configured for development:

  • Redis
  • PHP 8.0 running php-pm 2.X

Test config includes all services to successfully run tests.

Release / production only defines the app as it is intended to be deployed into a cluster.

Docker Service Names

The Docker container names will be prefixed by a project name defined in the .env file. This is the constant COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME. If you remove it, the current folder name will be used instead. For example: you create a new project called "invoice-service", without setting the COMPOSE constant the containers started via docker-compose will be prefixed with invoice-service_. If you have a lot of docker projects, they may have similar folder names, so using this constant avoids collisions.

The second constant that needs setting is APP_SERVICE_APP. This is the name of the PHP application container. By default this is app. It is strongly recommended to change this to something that is more unique. If you do change this, be sure to change the container name in the docker-compose*.yml files otherwise it will not be used. This name is used by SyncIt to resolve the application container and by the bin/dc-* scripts.

DNS Resolution

DNS and Proxy where moved to data service.